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Asahi Camera Annual 1969 : MORIYAMA Daido / OGAWA Takayuki / SHINOYAMA Kishin / 1968 Campus Rebels (1969)

Asahi Camera Annual 1969. Specials: MORIYAMA Daido / OGAWA Takayuki / SHINOYAMA Kishin / 1968 Campus Rebels. Tokyo : Asahi Shimbun-sha, 1969. — AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — In-4° (29 x 21,5 x 2 cm), (196) p., 1 kg.
Pict. hardcover & dj, acetate cover, (14) color and (65) b&w pictures in full- or double-page. Text in Japanese; Foreword by Hideo TSUNODA, Table, Captions & Explanatory notes on photos, in English. Selection by Nobuo INA & Tsutomu WATANABE. Layout: Ryuichi YAMASHIRO.
Cartonnage & jaquette ill., rhodoïd, (14) photographies coul. et (65) n&b, à pleine ou double p. Texte en japonais ; Préface par TSUNODA Hideo, Index, Légendes & Notes explicatives sur les photographies, en anglais. Sélection par INA Nobuo & WATANABE Tsutomu. Layout: YAMASHIRO Ryuichi.

État / Condition — VG (dj edges slightly rubbed, title p. crumpled; otherwise EXCELLENT).
TB (bords jaquette lég. frottés, p. de titre froissée ; sinon EXCELLENT).

Remarques & avis / Review — An outstanding issue of Asahi Camera Annual for 1969, that presents, in a beautiful volume, the highlights of Japanese photography world for 1968. In addition, three young photographers are singled out — Hiromichi (Daido) MORIYAMA, Takayuki OGAWA and Kishin SHINOYAMA — and a special section is dedicated to the 1968 social issue of the 'campus rebels'. A great selection of pictures by then &/or now famous (Ikko NARAHARA, Eikoh HOSOE, Akira SATO, Ken DOMON, Ihei KIMURA, Takuma NAKAHIRA, Haruo TOMIYAMA, etc.) and equally talented photographers, well-worth rediscovering, in full post-VIVO / early Provoke period and effervescence — the first issue of Provoke is incidently mentionned in the list of photobooks published during the year. Remarkable bookcrafting, layout, printing and paper. An very important issue, quite uncommon.

Un remarquable numéro du Asahi Camera Annual pour 1969, qui présente, dans un superbe volume, le meilleur du monde de la photographie japonaise de 1968. De plus, trois jeunes photographes sont mis en avant — MORIYAMA Hiromichi (Daido), OGAWA Takayuki and SHINOYAMA Kishin — et un chapitre est spécialement dédié au grand problème social de 1968, les "rebelles universitaires". Une excellente sélection de clichés de photographes connus alors et/ou à présent (NARAHARA Ikko , HOSOE Eikoh, SATO Akira, DOMON Ken, KIMURA Ihei, NAKAHIRA Takuma, TOMIYAMA Haruo, etc.) et de photographes tout aussi talentueux, à redécouvrir, en pleine effervescence et période post-VIVO / début-Provoke — le premier numéro de Provoke est par ailleurs mentionnée dans la liste des livres de photos publiés dans l'année. Maquette, réalisation, impression & papier remaquables. Un numéro très important, peu courant.

Divers / Misc. — Table of contents:


SHIMAUCHI Eisuke — Camel Market
SHIRAKAWA Yoshikazu — Mt. Tanigawa
SATO Akira — A Gymnasium
KUSANO Shoji — Genesis
TSUKAHARA Takuya — Natural History
NARAHARA Ikko — Glory
KITAGAWA Jun — Autumn Melody
OHASHI Toshiyuki — On the Beach
KINOSHITA Hiroyuki — Magpies of Kyushu
MIYAZAKI Gaku — Flying Squirrels
IRIE Taikichi — Nara Rite


MORIYAMA Hiromichi (Daido) — Obscure Scenes (6 p., 6 plates)
OGAWA Takayuki — New York Is (6 p., 5 plates)
SHINOYAMA Kishin — Nudes (6 p., 5 plates)

Campus Rebels (20 p.)
KURIHARA Tatsuo — Legion
UCHIDA Yoji — Encounter
SUGIZAKI Hiroyuki — Fortress
KOJIMA Keisuke — Dragnet
ARAMAKI Masayuki — Mediator
YOSHITAKE Takayoshi — Mother
SHINKAI Michiko — Commanders
TAKEUCHI Seiji — Father
NISHIDE Yoshimune — Action
UEDA Hideto — Citizens
NISHIDE Yoshimune — Incommunicado

YONEZU Takashi — Picket
NABESHIMA Tatsuzo — Joyous Season
MUROE Sadanori — Snow-clad Dog
HISHIYA Fumio — Going Home
NAKAMURA Yoshinobu — Islet Doctor
ONO Yutaka — Fishermman's Holiday
HOSOE Eikoh — From 'Extravagant Tragicomedy'
ARAI Tsuneo — Downpour
NAKAHIRA Takuma — Last Commuter Train
TOMIYAMA Haruo — Japanese Colliery
ARAI Hideo — Dream Comes True
FUKUDOME Yasuhiro — Friendly Chat
NARAHARA Ikko — Noh Play
KIMURA Ihei — Silk Textile Artist
NAKAJIMA Kenzo — Portrait of T. Komiya
TAKADA Seizo — Seashore Pattern
SHINGA Kyoichi — Buddhist Temple
OSADA Shigehide — Mannequins
NAGANO Shigeichi — Highway Fantasy
MASUNAGA Hiroshi — African Songbird
KATAGIRI Miki — Static
WATANABE Shosei — Dynamic / United Rocks
MATSUMOTO Kyoichi — Bathing Suits
UENO Hiroshi — Hiroshima Survivors in Korea
URESHINO Kyoko — Okinawa Human Right
DOMON Ken — Blinded at Hiroshima
KUWABARA Fumiaki — Napalmed in Vietnam
SAKO Koichi — Impressions of White
NAKAJIMA Kozo — Campus Open House
HANABUSA Shinzo — Coming-of-Age Day
OKAMATSU Kenji — Exaltation at Concert
MIZUNO Nakahito — Paradise Flycatcher's Family
KITAGAWA Toshitaka — Morning Calisthenics
HIROTA Naotaka — Vanishing Steam Train
NISHIOKA Kazuyuki — Winter Austerities
TAKADA Seizo — Landscape of Contrast

In Memoriam
SATO Tatsuzo — Kyoto Restaurant

INA Nobuo & WATANABE Tsutomu — '68-nen no Shashin wo Kataru
(Speaking about Photography in 1968)

List of Photobooks Published in 1968

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