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TOMIYAMA Haruo: Gendai Gokan / Our Day Prints (1970-71)

TOMIYAMA Haruo. Gendai Gokan / Our Day: 6 original prints (ca. 1970-1971).
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Description — 6 original gelatin silver prints: 5 prints are 12 x 16.5 cm and mounted on black paper (19.3 x 27 cm), the last one is larger (21.7 x 15.2 cm) and as is. Plus two postcards (one from the original 1970 America is America exhibit, one from the 2008 Gendai Gokan rerun exhibit).

Condition — VG (the 'Shinjuku' print has slight yellowing, one crumpled corner and a minute marginal tear).

Review — Striking photographs of modern Tokyo scenes by TOMIYAMA Haruo printed on the occasion of the preparation for the 1970-71 exhibition pairing with the publishing (in the Eizo no Gendai collection) of Gendai Gokan / Our Day, originally an award-winning series from the early & mid-1960s published in Asahi Camera.

Misc. — A similar exhibition was held in 1978 at the ICP (New York) under the title 'Japan Today / Gendai Gokan'. Another venue was held more recently in 2008 (JCII Photo Salon,cf. joined postcard).

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