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Spring Update, little by little!
☞ The page Original Prints, Posters, Drawings & Artworks has just been vastly updated with tons of new beautiful items (and more to come).
☞ And A Japanese Book is now on Instagram.


☞ AJB is an on-line book store founded in 2009. We deal mostly in Japanese photobooks and illustrated books. The store has relocated in Spring 2012. A short selection of our books can be found at Chez les libraires associés in Paris, 18e.

☞ Useful pages: Sitemap, FAQ, Terms of Sale.

☞ The detailed list of titles in stock is available via the menu above.
Orders and enquiries by email.

Contact. I don't bite.

☞ Please RESPECT the work of other people (photographers, illustrators), including ours (we're talking about thousands of hours taking and editing pictures, writing and typing reviews, etc.), meaning do not plunder, credit & attribute if you must. I'm asking nicely. Thank you.

☞ I also hold a personal blog with photos between Osaka and Paris, de peu, a Japanese photoblog, le bento à photos and make movable & pop-up books and cards, kirie, etc.