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Taiyo Monthly #13: First Anniversary Issue : ARAKI Sacchin / OKURA Shunji (1964)

Taiyo Monthly Deluxe n°13, 1964/07: Sokan Isshunen Kinen-go (First Anniversary Issue) : ARAKI Nobuyoshi 'Sacchin' / OKURA Shunji. Tokyo: Heibon-sha, 1964. — AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — 4° (29 x 22 x 1 cm), 188 p., 550 g.
Pict. softcover, color and b&w photographs & ill. Text in Japanese.
Couv. souple ill., photographies & ill. coul. et n&b. Texte en japonais.

État / Condition — VG / TB.

Remarques & avis / Review — An outstanding issue of the monthly deluxe version of the magazine Taiyo, that celebrates the first anniversary of the magazine. It entails several memorable photo-sections: Nobuyoshi ARAKI's first published work and a monochrome gem of photo-reportage, portrait & street photography, Sacchin, and the winner of the First Taiyo Award (and thanks to the inimitable 1960s paper & printing, of a much better rendering than in the 1994 version); a superb series of color fashion photos by Shunji OKURA, where traditional objects & shapes face modern dresses designed and dyed after them; the dyeing process is then presented in a fine monochrome photo-documentary by Kiyoshi SONOBE; and the introductory section is the occasion of a beautifully sequenced panorama of space & emptiness fear aesthetics. Note that the general page layout & letterprint in the very first years of Taiyo is also a work of art in itself. An exceptional issue.

Un numéro remarquable de la version mensuelle de luxe de la revue Taiyo, qui commémore le premier anniversaire du magazine. Il comprend plusieurs sections-photo mémorables : le premier travail publié d'ARAKI Nobuyoshi, Sacchin, un joyau de photo-reportage, portrait et photo de rue, et vainqueur du premier Prix Taiyo (et, grâce au papier & impression inimitables des années 1960, d'un rendu bien supérieur à la version de 1994) ; une superbe série de photos de mode en couleur par OKURA Shunji, où des objets et formes traditionnels font face aux robes qui furent crées et teintes en s'inspirant de ces derniers ; le procédé de teinture utilisé est ensuite présenté dans un beau documentaire monochrome par SONOBE Kiyoshi ; et la section introductive est l'occasion d'une panorama, excellemment séquencé, d'une esthétique de la peur de l'espace et du vide. Notez que la maquette générale & typo de page des toutes premières années du Taiyo est également une œuvre d'art en soi. Un numéro exceptionnel.

Divers / Misc. — Table of Contents:

Special 1: Jinrui no Yume to Osore
The Fears and Dreams of Humanity

Kuukan Kyofu no Bigaku / Aesthetics of the Fear of Space — ANDO Tsuguo
Ningen no Sei to Shi ni Tsuite / About the Life and Death of Humans — SHIMAZAKI Toshiki / UETANI Takao / HIRATA Yutaka
Tanken ni Owari wa Nai / There is no Ending to Exploration — SHINODA Hajime
Indian no Namakubi kara Picaso no Kaibutsu made / From the Indians' Freshly-Cut Heads to Picasso's Monsters — OOKA Shin

Special 2: Nihon no 'Katachi' wo Someru
To Dye the 'Shapes' of Japan
(color, 31 plates / 16 p.)
Design by MOROOKA Mistuko.
Txt: SHIRASU Masako
Photo: OKURA Shunji
Layout: EJIMA Tamotsu

Senshoku ni Ikiru Hito / Those Who Live by Dyeing
Txt: YAMABE Tomoyuki
Photo : SONOBE Kiyoshi (monochrome / 21 plates / 16 p.)

Nihon no Someori Design ni Monomosu / About Design in Japanese Weaving & Dyeing

Someori no Kokoro / The Heart of Weaving & Dyeing
SHIRASU Masako / FURUSAWA Machiko / YANAGI Yoshihiro

Serial Special: Nihon-bunka no Akebono / The Dawn of Japanese Culture 4
Atarashii Gijutsu no Tojo / When a New Technology Appears (12 p.)
Ill: FUKAZAWA Ichiro (color, 3 plates)
Photo: DOMON Ken (monochrome / 10 plates)
Txt: TSUBOI Kiyotari

Dai-ikkai Taiyo-sho Happyo / The First Taiyo Award's Results
(monochrome / 25 plates / 16 p.)
Photo: ARAKI Nobuyoshi
Judges: INA Nobuo / ITO Sei / KIMURA Ihei / NAKAJIMA Kenzo / HANYU Susumu / HARA Hiroshi / HIGASHIYAMA Kaii / WATANABE Yoshio

Seikatsu / Lifestyle

Nihon no Menrui / Noodles of Japan
Txt : KASHIWAGI Toshiko
Photo : HADA Toshio

Yomimono / Readings

Biiru Nyumon : Waga Jinsei ni Biiru Ari
There is Beer in my Life (!)

Gendai no Kazoku : 3000 km wo Kayou Salaryman
Modern Families: A Salaryman Who Connects 3000 km a day
Photo: SHIMAUCHI Eisuke

Nihon no Minwa / Japanese Folktale: Kakashi Kurabe
Ill: TAJIMA Seizo

Bijutsu / Arts

Jonetsu to Shikisai no Dorama: Eugène DELACROIX
A Passionate and Colorful Drama

Picasso's Meninas / Kyutei no Jijotachi

Bajutsu Kyogi /

Illustrations by :
IKEDA Tatsuo

Cover : HAYASAKI Osamu
Editor: TANIKAWA Kenichi

See also / Voir aussi :
ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Sacchin (Complete version / 1994)

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