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Heibon Punch 72-1-31: Special Eros : Saeki Toshio (1972)

Heibon Punch '72-1:31. Special!! EROS EROS EROS: Saeki Toshio. Tokyo: Heibon Shuppan, 1972.

Description — 8vo (25.5 x 18 x 0.5 cm), 146 p., 250 g.
Pict softcover, color and b&w pictures and illustrations. Text in Japanese.

État / Condition — x

Remarques & avis / ReviewWeekly Heibon Punch is a fine and funny 'Magazine for Men' founded in 1964, that deals with taste and humor with all the themes usually found in such a publication: women, nude, sex, cars, trains, men's fashion, photo, movies. An important issue of the early 1970s, because it made the controversial, now-renowned illustrator SAEKI Toshio (1945-, HP, bio) known to the general public (14 pages in color, featuring 9 full-page and 1 full-spread illustrations, from Akai Hako). And a special mention for the numerous fantastic pieces of advertisement throughout the issue!

Divers / Misc. — Contents also entails:
Rika SHIBATA by photographer Kenji NAGATOMO (7 p., full-page/spread color pictures)
Dolphin-yarou-tachi / Snow Dolphin at Hachi-Kita (6 p., color pics)
Doro Darake no Eikou: Dai-9-kai Rugby Nihon Senshuuken (3 p., b&w pics)
Chin Invention (7 p., dildo etc., b&w illustrations by UNO Kamakiri)
New Town Motomachi (3 p., b&w montages of pics & illustrations)

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