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Asahi Camera Annual 1958

Asahi Camera Nenkan / Annual 1958. Tokyo: Asahi Shinbun-sha, Showa 33 (1958). — OUT OF STOCK

Description — 4to (26 x 18.5 x 1.5 cm), hardcover, pict. dj, (2)-5(index)-(1) p., 8 color & 131 b&w (gravure) pictures, 52(Japanese text)-(28: ads) p. Pictures selected by INA Nobuo, KANAMARU Shigeno, KIMURA Ihei and WATANABE Yoshio.

État / Condition — x

Remarques & avis / Review — A fine issue — the b&w pictures are printed in rich gravure for the first time — with pictures by WATANABE Yoshio, HAMAYA Hiroshi, AKIYAMA Shotaro, KIMURA Ihei, MIDORIKAWA Yoichi, TANUMA Takeyoshi, DOMON Ken, IWAMIYA Takeji, ISHIMOTO Yasuhiro, SHIMADA Kinsuke, IMAI Hisae, NAKAMURA Masaya*, NAKAMURA Rikko*, TOMATSU Shomei* (lobbyists), TABUCHI Yukio, TOKIWA Toyoko*, NAGANO Shigeichi, UEDA Shoji, OTAKE Shoji, HAYATA Yuji, NARAHARA Ikko*, etc.

Divers / Misc. — * notes the first appearance of that photographer in the Annual selection: the rise and recognition of the new generation. Some use pseudonyms (playing on the fact that kanjis can be read in several ways).

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