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UNO Koji / TAKIDAIRA Jiro. Fuki no shita no Kamisama (kamishibai 1967)

UNO Kouji / NAMACHI Saburo (adapt.) / TAKIDAIRA Jiro. Fuki no shita no Kamisama (The God under the Giant Butterburs). Tokyo: Doushin-sha (Nihon Jidoubungaku Meisakusan), Showa 42 (1967). 1st ed. — AVAILABLE: OUT OF STOCK

Description — Folio (38 x 27 cm), 16 ff., full-page color illustrations on obverse, text (in Japanese) on reverse, in a paper portfolio.

État / Condition — Fine (damaged portfolio).

Remarques & avis / Review — A fine kamishibai (paper theater) illustrated by Jiro TAKIDAIRA, that features a Korobokkuru (a little people from Hokkaido Ainus' legends), here in the shape of a malicious little god that gets caught by a lazy peasant who forces him to give him food and clothing 'until he dies'...!

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