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SAWATARI Hajime. Hatsukoi - Jigoku-hen Film Still A (1968)

(SAWATARI Hajime). Hatsukoi - Jigoku-hen Film Still A. Nippon ATG / Hani Prod., 1968.AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — Film still / photogram (original gelatin silver print, 12 x 16.5 cm).

État / Condition — Excellent.

Remarques & avis / Review — A fine original photogram / film still from the movie Hatsukoi - Jigoku-hen (First Love: Hell, 1968), featuring ISHII Kuniko and TAKAHASHI Akio. The movie was written by TERAYAMA Shuji and its director HANI Susumu, with SAWATARI Hajime as director of photography, and it was first released in the West in France under the title Nanami: The Inferno of Love in 1970.

Divers / Misc. — x

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