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Deja-vu #8 : GOCHO Shigeo / Joel-Peter WITKIN (1992)

déjà-vu. N°8, 1992/04 : GOCHO SHIGEO : Recovering a Memory / Joel-Peter WITKIN. Tokyo: Photo-planète Co., 1992. — AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — 4° (30 x 23 x 1 cm), 178 p., 900 g.
Softcover, ill. cover., color and b&w pictures. Text in Japanese ; table of contents, part of the texts & captions, and summaries in English.
Broché, couv. ill., photos coul. et n&b. Texte en japonais ; table des matières, une part des textes & légendes, et résumés en anglais.

État / Condition — Fine (wear to cover edges).
Bon (bords frottés).

Remarques & avis / Review — Here is the eighth issue, the most sought-after with that on Provoke, dedicated to GOCHO Shigeo (1946-1983) — most of his works are reproduced here — and to Joel-Peter WITKIN, of the very influential déjà-vu - a photography quarterly, deluxe photography magazine published between 1990 and 1995. Cf. table of contents in Misc.

Huitième numéro, le plus recherché avec celui consacré à Provoke, dédié à GOCHO Shigeo (1946-1983) — la quasi-totalité de son œuvre est ici reproduite — et à Joel-Peter WITKIN, de la très-influente déjà-vu - a photography quarterly, revue photographique japonaise de luxe qui sévit de 1990 à 1995. Cf. table des matières dans Divers.

Divers / Misc.

À la table / Table of Contents :

GOCHO Shigeo

IIZAWA Kohtaro — Recovering a Memory

Part 1 — Children

Part 2 — Self and Other : Three Books

Days (all 24 pictures of the book are reproduced)
OTSUJI Kiyoji — Birth of a Photographer
GOCHO Shigeo — Letter to His Sister
SEKIGUCHI Masao — Days Together
GOCHO Harue — My Son

Self and Others (all 60 pictures of the book are reproduced)
NAKANO Rimi — A Man from Another World
GOCHO Shigeo — Letter to His Sister
OMOMO Haruko + GOCHO Hiroichi — Our Younger Brother, A Private Artist
MIURA Kazuto — GOCHO's Technique
SAJI Yoshitaka — Memories of GOCHO

Familiar Street Scenes (all 47 pictures of the book are reproduced)
HIRANO Mitsuko — GOCHO as a Teacher
SHIMAO Shinzo — Like an Unloved Child
EBIHARA Eiji — A House by the Sea

Part 3 —
Spirits of the Night (all 14 inkblots of the book are reproduced)
Spiritual Travels
KAWAI Hayao — On "Spirits of the Night"
Memories of Water (26 marbled paper works are reproduced)

Biography & Documents

Joel-Peter WITKIN : Works 1989-1990
Comments by Joel-Peter WITKIN
ARAMATA Hiroshi — Scratched Allegory
YORO Takeshi — Revolt of the Corpse
Joel-Peter WITKIN — A Birth / A Convalescence / And, Death

KOBAYASHI Yasuo — The Photographic Experience, Part 2/ Seeing through Materiality
YOMOTA Inuhiko — Lookin at Film Stills, Part 2/ Relics of the Actress : "RUAN Ling Yu", Stanley KWAN
ITO Toshiharu — An Archeology of Photography, Part 7/ Vanishing Race : Edward CURTIS's Record of North American Indians

3: 5-2-1-1020 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Stephen BLACK

FUKUHARA Shinzo + FUKUHARA Roso Photographs : The Light With Its Harmony, Tokyo (Comment : KANAZAWA Hitoshi)

SK Forum — Report on an Experimental Paper and Printing Workshop, Part 8

TAKAYAMA Hiroshi — "Laments : Skyscape / From Close-range", by ARAKI Nobuyoshi
Arturo SILVA — "The Power of Photography : How Photographs Changed our Lives", by Vicky GOLDBERG
FUSE Hideto — Contemporary New York Photography
YASUMI Akihito — KOYAMA Hotaro, Tokyo
IIZAWA Kohtaro — SHINOYAMA Kishin, "Tokyo in the Coming Century" (TOKYO Mirai Seiki)

ODAIRA Toru — An Approach to Contemporary Photography, Part 5/ Owl Gallery and the News Photography Criticism, Circa 1980

English Summaries


KON Yoshinori

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