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KOBAYASHI Shinichiro. Japan New Map (2003)

KOBAYASHI Shinichiro. Japan New Map (Nouvelle carte du Japon). Tokyo: East Press, 2003. 1st ed., 1st pr.OUT OF STOCK

Description — In-4° (29 x 23 x 2 cm), 160 p., 1 kg.
Pictorial softcover, obi, color pictures. Epilogue by the artist and biography, in both English and Japanese. Laid in : price tag.
Broché, couv. souple ill., bandeau éditeur, photographies coul. Épilogue par l'artiste et biographie, en anglais et japonais. Inséré : étiquette de prix.

État / Condition — VG / TB.

Remarques & avis / ReviewShinichiro KOBAYASHI (1956-) investigates modern Japan's ruins and abandoned artefacts, and their contrast with nature. Part of his works have been acquired by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. He deals here with the visual confrontation, in remote Japan, between unfinished human artefacts and their surrounding landscapes. Resolutely modern and fascinating.

KOBAYASHI Shinichiro (1956-) s'intéresse principalement aux ruines et constructions à l'abandon du Japon moderne et au contraste d'avec leur environnement naturel. Le Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography a acquis une part des œuvres. Il livre ici le Japon méconnu de la confrontation visuelle entre constructions humaines délaissées et les paysages en leur tour. Résolument moderne et fascinant.

Divers / Misc. — 'Today it is nearly impossible to find [...] untouched natural landscapes anymore. [...] In the oddest places you are sure to find strange, dilapidated man-made structures, abd the unnatural blights on the landscape clash with the beauty of their natural surroundings. But as I see it, the point is not to ask what is right or what is wrong. My interest lies in searching out and going to as many of these sites as I can find where the clash between man and nature is in evidence, and use my own visual expression to show this landscape in a new light. These places, which do not appear on any map, stand in discord with nature, creating alien juxtapositions all over Japan in this very moment.'
(KOBAYASHI Shinichiro, Japan New Map, Epilogue.)

And a fine review of the book.

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