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TATSUKI Yoshihiro. Eves / Eve-tachi (1970)

TATSUKI Yoshihiro. Eves / Eve-tachi. Tokyo: Sankei-Shinbunsha, Showa 45 (1970). First edition & printing. — AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — Square in-4° carré (26 x 26 x 1,5 cm), (108) p., 650 g.
Pict. hardcover, protection acetate dj, full-page b&w pictures. With: one original silver print of Tatsuki in a signing session in 1970, one postcard for Eves exhibition, and two posters (51.5 x 37.8 and 36.4 cm, some wear) folded twice, advertising for Eves exhibitions (1970).

État / Condition — See STOCKLIST

Remarques & avis / ReviewYoshihiro TATSUKI's Eves counts among the mythical Japanese nude photobooks of the 1960s-70s — next to Kishin SHINOYAMA's 28 Girls or Shunji OKURA's Emma for example. 22 great series of monochrome nudes — original, thematic, crazy and light-hearted, with a touch a humor — which largely deserve their renown.

Les Eves de TATSUKI Yoshihiro compte parmi les livres-photo de nu japonais mythiques des années 1960-70 — au côté, par exemple, des 28 Girls de SHINOYAMA Kishin et de l'Emma d'OKURA Shunji. 22 superbes séries de nus monochromes — originaux, thématiques, légers et déjantés, avec une touche d'humour, qui méritent amplement leur renommée.

Divers / Misc. — Models / Mannequins :

YUGUCHI Susan — MORI Akiko — AOKI Emie — SEMA Chie — ARSUMI Mari — ASAOKA Angela — ISHII Kuniko — Judy STEWART — SAWA Tamaki — TOKUDA Hoki — OKIYAMA Hideko — ASO Reiko — SHIBATA Rika — Reine HONEY — MIKATA Setsuko — TACHIBANA Mari — SUGI Yoko — SAKURA Hiroko — YAMAGUCHI Hinako — Peter — HAMADA Emi — NAGATA Yuko — KAGAWA Yukie — TACHIKAWA Yuri

REF.: History of Japanese Contemporary Photography 1945-1970 (1975), '69-'70

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