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ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Tokyo Lucky Hole (1990)

ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Tokyo Lucky Hole. 1983-1987 Shinjuku Kabuki-cho. Tokyo: Ota Shuppan, Heisei 2 (1990). Edition originale/ First edition. — AVAILABLE: cf. Divers / Misc.

Description — 8° (21 w 13 x 2 cm), 272 p., 350 g.
Softcover, pict. dj, obi, b&w pictures (matte). Text in Japanese.
Couv. souple, jaquette ill., bandeau éd., photographies n&b (mat). Texte en japonais.

État / Condition — Cf. Divers / Misc.

Remarques & avis / Review — A massive photo-collection and impressive testimony about Shinjuku Kabukicho's crazy night life and sex industry in the mid-1980s, by Nobuyoshi ARAKI.

Une massive photo-collection et un témoignage impressionnant concernant la vie nocturne et folle, et l'industrie du sexe dans le quartier de Kabukicho à Shinjuku au milieu des années 1980, par ARAKI Nobuyoshi.

Divers / Misc. — Available copies / Exemplaires disponibles :

1. ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Tokyo Lucky Hole (1990)
E.O., 1er tirage, bandeau / 1st ed., 1st pr., obi.
État / Condition: Excellent.
AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

2. ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Tokyo Lucky Hole (1991)
2e tirage, bandeau / 2nd pr., obi.
État / Condition: Excellent.
AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

"The sex and entertainment scene in Shinjuku. Photos from before 1985 when a stricter law regarding sex industry was passed." (IIZAWA Kohtaro, ARAKI's Illustrated Bibliography, in déjà-vu #4 : ARAKI Nobuyoshi (1991), p.89)

Ref: PARR BADGER, The Photobook I,306-307.

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