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YOSHIYUKI Kohei. Secret Shashin-jutsu: Kore ga Sekigaisen Satsuei da! (1981)

YOSHIYUKI Kohei. Secret Shashin-jutsu : Kore ga Sekigaisen Satsuei da ! (Secret Photography Technique: This is Infrared Shooting!). Tokyo : Sunday-sha, Showa 56 (1981). 1st ed., 4th pr.OUT OF STOCK

Description — 18mo (17,5 x 10,5 x 1,5 cm), 240 p., 300 g.
Softcover, pict. dj, color and b&w pictures, b&w illustrations. Text in Japanese.

Review — The Behind-the-Scene of Kohei YOSHIYUKI's Document : Kouen (1980), in which he reveals, not without humor, all his tricks, techniques, habits, material and science in great details — from cameras to the development techniques of infrared films — as a professional photographer of sexual intercourses in Tokyo's parks and sneak shots. Reprints part of the pictures of the said Kouen (heterosexual and gay series) and presents also precious previously unpublished color pictures of the latter, fine sneak underwear / panty shots and nude pictures.

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