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Yatsugatake Kenkyu (1963)

DOPPYO-TOKO-KAI. Yatsugatake Kenkyu (Yatsugatake Study). 2 volumes. Tokyo: Meibundo, Showa 38 (1963).OUT OF STOCK

Description — Two 8vo volumes (21.5 x 15.5 x 5.5 cm in total), (2: title)-(18: pics)-402-(4) and (2: title)-(12: pics)-439-(3) p., 1 errata and 1 illustration index leaflets, clothbound hardcovers, pictorial slipcases.

Condition — x

Review — A very thorough examination of the Yatsugatake Mountains. This book is a Bible to mountain-climbers, it includes many variation routes (the paradox of variation routes! being routes not featured in guide books: once recorded, they are not variation routes anymore...). Illustrated with 25 full-age/spread b&w pictures (including 1 fine fold-out panorama of the range), placed at the beginning of each volume, and and numerous drawings (mountains, routes, including one recto-verso fold-out) within. Uncommon, precious and sought-after material.

Misc. — The name of the authoring association, Doppyou Tokou Kai (founded in 1943-44), translates as: Independant Elevation Points Mountain-Climbing Association (doppyou the stands for dokuritsu hyoukou ten, 'independant elevation point').

On Yatsugatake, see also TABUCHI Yukio's beautiful Asama, Yatsugatake (1974).

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