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OKURA Kenji / IBE Naomitsu. Shin Nippon Chokanzu (New Japan Bird-Eye Map, 1920)

OKURA Kenji / IBE Naomitsu. Shin Nippon Chokanzu (New Bird-Eye Map of Japan). Taisho 9 (1920).

Description — Color printed map (102 x 72 cm) mounted on paper.

Condition — Good (generally slightly crumpled, old crease/floding marks).

Review — A very large and very beautiful bird-eye map of the Greater Japan of 1920, with plenty of colorful details, by OKURA Kenji (at the time Former Army Engineer in the Land Survey Division, 1861-1946) and IBE Naomitsu (at the time Former Major General & Head of the Land Survey Division, 1867-1932).

Misc. — Includes Japan's possessions at the time: Okinawa Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan (1895-1945), Karafuto (South Sakhalin, 1905-1949), Kwantung (1905-1945), Korea (1905/1910-1945). On the central general map but not represented in bird-eye: Chishima Archipelago (Kuril Islands, 1875-1945), Tsingtao (Qingdao, 1914-1922).

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