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AOSHIMA Yukio. Parody No. 1 (1970)

AOSHIMA Yukio. The AOSHIMA Magazine: Parody No. 1. Zokan-go (The Magnificent Issue). Tokyo: Parodi-sha, Showa 45 (1970).

Description — Square 8vo (20.5 x 18 x 1 cm), 135-(9) p., pict. softcover.

Condition — x

Review — A very interesting and hilarious, mixed-media, lavishly crafted opus by the manzai comedian (and much later Governor of Tokyo!) AOSHIMA Yukio (1930-2006) & friends, with photographs by YOSHIOKA Yasuhiro (5 full-page, nudes with a dog), illustrations by HAYASHI Seiichi (6 full-page), MAD AMANO (11 p. of photo-collages), TAKIYA Setsuo (4 full-page, erotic drawings), NAGAO Minoru (10 p. of great explicit illustrations for a short story by Aoshima), TSUKASA Osamu (the famous novelist; striking drawings of ravens), ISHINOMORI Shotaro (the renowned mangaka; also wonderful explicit 5 full-spread/page compositions in a very different style, on a short story by NUMA Shozo), SAEKI Toshio (advertisement for film).. and even the participation of NOSAKA Akiyuki (interview with pics).

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