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Hiraizumi Comparative Map (Chuson-ji, 1908)

Hiraizumi Furuato Genjo Taisho-zu (Comparative Map of the Historical Remains of Hiraizumi to Present). Chusonji, Meiji 41 (1908).
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Description — Color map (20 x 12 folded, 39.5 x 54.5 cm unfolded) printed in 6 colors. Text in Japanese on reverse. Wet stamp: Chuusonji. With the original pictorial paper sleeve (damaged).

Condition — Good (small & light water stains, small tears).

Review — A pretty and colorful map of the surroundings of Hiraizumi (Iwate Pref.) showing superposed maps of old and present (1908) town and temples buildings and river beds (of the Kitakami and her tributaries Ota and Kinu). Edited by the Buddhist Temple Chuson-ji and finely printed.

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