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KAJIYAMA Toshio / TAKASAKA Tomohide. Ichiban Chiisai Mono (1971)

TAKASAKA Tomohide / KAJIYAMA Toshio. Ichiban Chiisai Mono (The Tiniest Thing in the World). Tokyo: Fukuinkan Shoten (Kagaku no Tomo 12, Hajimete de Au Kagaku Ehon 33), 1971. 1st ed. & pr.AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — Square 8vo (22.5 x 24.5 cm), (22)-2 p., stapled, pict softcover.

Condition — Good (cover: browning, light wear; rusted staples).

Review — Wonderful, amazingly composed Art Brut illustrations by the famous paintor, illustrator and print artist KAJIYAMA Toshio (11 full spreads, 2 full pages) on a story by TAKASAKA Tomohide on things that are small or large, seemingly small or large, all made of the same tiniest molecules!


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