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TAMURA Shigeru. Gendai Nihon no 100nin (1953)

TAMURA Shigeru. Gendai Nippon no Hyaku-nin (100 Persons of Contemporary Japan).
[Tokyo:] Bungeishunju Shinsha, Showa 28 (1953). 1st ed. & pr.
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Description — Small 4to (26.5 x 18.5 x 2 cm), (3)-103-(6)-5-(3) p., (100) b&w pictures, quarter-clothbound hardcover, slipcase. Short texts opposite the pictures, and Postface by TAMURA Shigeru, in Japanese. At the end, index with transcription of names in Latin alphabet. Laid in: Erratum sheet.

Condition — Excellent.

Review — A very fine gallery of portraits, by TAMURA Shigeru (this is his first book) of Japan's finest in arts, crafts & sciences, including: novelists KAWABATA Yasunari & TANIZAKI Jun'ichiro, economist KOIZUMI Shinzo, actress TAMURA Akiko, Bunraku puppeteer YOSHIDA Bungoro, painters UMEHARA Ryuzaburo & KABURAGI Kiyotaka, critic KOBAYASHI Hideo, Kabuki actor NAKAMURA Kichiemon, political scientist NANBARA Shigeru, tenor FUJIWARA Yoshie, violonist SUWA Nejiko, film director OZU Yasujiro, journalist HANI Motoko, geneticist KIHARA Hitoshi, art critic YANAGI Soetsu/Muneyoshi, etc., etc.

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