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Tokai Rakuen Atami Onsen (1929)

YUKAWA Shunji. Toukai Rakuen - Atami Onsen - Yuurai Annai - Izu (The Eastern Sea Paradise: The Atami Hot Spring: Sightseeing Guide: Izu). Shikishimaya Shoten, Showa 4 (1929).
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Description — 12mo leporello booklet (18 x 11.5 folded, 18 x 98 cm unfolded), color illustration on obverse, text in Japanese on reverse, pictorial cover, 9 captioned photographs printed in pink inside.

Condition — VG (light wear to cover, writing on front cover).

Review — A colorful, well-printed and very pretty bird-eye view of the famous Atami and her hot springs, in a large parorama encompassing the whole South-Eastern 'Tokaido' Coast from Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) to Tokyo, filled with lots of marvellous little details like blossoming cherry trees (pink and white), the stairs leading to Izusan Jinja, or plenty of tiny people strolling in town!On the inside cover, photographs of the town and her hot spots, including the beach, printed in bright pink (!).

Misc. — This map was made just 6 years after the town was completely leveled down by the Great Kanto Earthquake (of which it was the epicenter) and swiped by the subsequent tsunami.

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