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SAGANO Hikotaro. Dai Nippon Zenzu (Map of Greater Japan, 1891)

SAGANO Hikotaro. Dai Nippon Zenzu (Full Map of Greater Japan). Tokyo: Sagano Hikotaro, Meiji 24 (1891).
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Description — Folding paper map (109 x 52 cm), copper-plate printing, woodcut & hand coloring.

Condition — Good (general light wear, some holing, light foxing).

Review — A monumental & beautiful map of Japan from the late XIXth century, delicately colored in blue, pink, yellow & green, that features the Okinawa archipelago & the Kuril islands. It entails two additional small maps (Japan in Asia, Tokyo city), comparative representations of Japan's mountains & rivers, data tables by prefecture (population, etc.), and 7 very cute engraved views of famous harbors (Nagasaki, Yokohama, Hakodate, Kobe, Niigata) & bridges (Kouraibashi in Osaka, Arashiyama in Kyoto).

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