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St Svayan / Subuyan Posters and Prints (1968)

FUJITA Toshio / SAWADA Shigetaka. Musical St Svayan / Subuyan: Posters and Prints (1968).
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Description — Two posters: 72.5 x 51.5 cm (approx. B2 size) & 54.3 x 40.5 cm (cf. the first two pics below for relative proportions). One vertical leaflet (26 x 9 cm), 4 p. Nine b&w silver prints (approx 11.5 x 15.5 cm).

Condition — VG.

Review — Exceptional visual material from the Japanese musical St Svayan (Seinto Subuyan, 1968), adapted from NOSAKA Akiyuki's Erogotoshi-tachi (The Pornographers, serialized 1963, novel 1966), by FUJITA Toshio and IZUMI Taku, featuring NISHIMIRA Kou, NAKAYAMA Jin, BITOH Isao, TOMOTAKE Masanori, NARA Akemi, SHIOZAWA Toki.. The 2 wonderful, XL, psychedelic posters by SAWADA Shigetaka function as a set, as the second features the first! One can clearly feel the influence of the Push Pin Studio. The b&w photo prints entail 7 on-air on-stage pictures and 2 off-stage with the whole troupe (on one of which you can also see the first poster). Rare.

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