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OHKI Shigeru / HARA Kyoichi. 1974-1975 Steam Locomotives Calendar Sample Set (1973-1974)

OHKI Shigeru / HARA Kyoichi. Steam Locomotives Calendar Sample Set: Kiteki no Shi (The Poems of the Steam Whistle): Calendars for 1974 and 1975, 2 posters, ephemera (1973-1974).AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — Set of:
1) The 1974 Calendar, Shiki: Kiteki no Uta: Kieyukumono-tachi no Tame ni (The Four Seasons: The Poem of the Steam Whistle: For Those That Are Disappearing), Mineo Graphic, (1973): 12mo (15x21 cm), (15) f., plastic rings-bound, 13 b&w pics, with original printed envelope.
2) Two folded posters: one in gravure (55 x 84 cm) depicting a 9600+D51 in Hokkaido, one with the full 1974 calendar (63 x 84 cm).
3) Ephemera: one full-page newspaper article (1973), two advertising leaflets (for the calendar series, for the photo exhibition).
The previous 3 in thire original envelop.
4) The 1975 Calendar, Kiteki no Uta: Sayonara Jokikikansha-tachi (The Song of the Whistle: Bye-bye, Steam Locomotives) by HARA Kyoichi. See here for the See here the detailed description.

Condition — VG (calendars: half the binding rings broken or missing).

Review — The sample set for OHKI Shigeru's 1974 Calendar with 2 large posters and various ephemera, and HARA Kyoichi's 1975 Calendar, rare and beautiful testimonies of the last journeys of the steam locomotives in Japan (retired in 1976).

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