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Asahi Camera 1976/6

Asahi Camera 6/1976. Tokyo: Asahi Shimbunsha, 1976.
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Description — Small 4to (25.5 x 18 x 1.5 cm), 352 p., pict. softcover.

Condition — VG.

Review — Series of particular note: KITAI Kazuo (Shikoku Pilgrims, 20 color p.), YAMADA Shuji (Town/Plaza, 20 p., gravure), KIMURA Nakahisa (Portrait Photo Studios, 8 p., gravure), NAKADA Kazuaki (Stores for Kids, 9 p., gravure), SHINOYAMA Kishin & NAKAHIRA Takuma (Shashinron: Kaze/Australia, 12 p., gravure). And other fine series by: TAKANASHI Yutaka (Shimao Toshio, 5 p.), MORIKI Chito (Hatomajima, 5 p.), NASUNO Kiminori (Pusan, 5 p.), etc. And great photo-contests sections.

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