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Asahi Camera 1975/3

Asahi Camera 1975/3. Tokyo: Asahi Shimbun-sha, 1975.
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Description — Small 4to (25.5 x 18 x 1 cm), 336 p., pict. softcover.

Condition — Very good condition.

Review — Series of particular note: MORINAGA Jun (Hakata, 8 p., great series), KUWABARA Kineo (Mandchuria in 1940, 10 p.), KITAI Kazuo (Paper Producers, 10 p.), ENOMOTO Toshio (Merry-go-round, 6 p.), KATO Yugi (Girls, 5 color p.). And plenty of other fine series by: NAKATANI Yoshitaka (Hokkaido, 10 color p.), INAKOSHI Koichi (Lesson 8, women incl. nudes, 8 color p.), SUGIKI Naoya (Lovely Black, 5 color p.), KURIGAMI Kazumi (Shy Camel, 7 p.), YANAGITA Riki (Maternity Ward, 6 p.), MIZUNO Chiko (Ara River, 5 p.), SHINOYAMA Kishin (Domon Ken, pic + 6-p. interview), etc. And fine photo contest sections!


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