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Camera Mainichi 1968/5

Camera Mainichi 1968/5. Tokyo: Mainichi Shimbunsha, 1968.
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Description — Small 4to (25.5 x 18 x 1 cm), 226 p., pict. softcover.

Condition — Good condition (wear to spine).

Review — Series of particular note: NARAHARA Ikko (Japanesque 2: Noh, 16 p., color & b&w), KURIHARA Tatsuo (Auschwitz, 8 color p.), TOMIYAMA Haruo (!!!PROTEST!!! Farmers opposing the construction of Narita Airport, 10 p., gravure), FUKASE Masahisa (Cry-baby, 5 p., gravure). And other fine series by: YOSHIMURA Masaji (Sunday in Rome, 6 p.), SATO Kuniko (Park, 3 color p.), SHIRAHATA Shiro (Japanese Alps Mt. Kita, 5 color p.), AKIMOTO Kenji (women's morning bath in Kenya Lake Victoria, 4 p.), TOYOTA Hoshu (Stones of Yamato, 3 p., gravure), NAKAMURA Hideshi (Fish market on New Year's Day, 3 p.), etc. And fine photo contest sections!

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