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ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Pseudo-diary / Nise-nikki (1980)

ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Araki Nobuyoshi no Nise-nikki / Nobuyoshi Araki's Pseudo-diary (Pseudo-journal intime). Tokyo : Byakuya-shobo, 1980. E.O., premier tirage / First ed. & pr. — AVAILABLE: cf. Divers / Misc.

Description — In-4° oblong (17,5 x 26 x 2 cm), (296) p., 800 g.
Softcover, vertical pict. slipcase, obi, b&w pictures. Postface by Masaaki HIRAOKA in Japanese and Akira HASEGAWA in English.
Broché, étui vertical ill., bandeau éditeur, photographies n&b. Postface par HIRAOKA Masaaki en japonais et par HASEGAWA Akira en anglais.

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Remarques & avis / Review — A fine example of photography as Nobuyoshi ARAKI conceives it — some confessional truth within the subjective lie — through this brilliant fake diary composed of alternating indoor nudes and street shots, in a finely crafted, confortable volume.

Un bel exemple de la photographie d'ARAKI Nobuyoshi tel qu'il la conçoit — de la vérité confessionnelle dans le mensonge subjectif — à travers ce brillant faux journal intime fait d'alternance de nus casaniers et de scènes de rue, dans un volume bien fini et de format agréable.

Divers / Misc. — "Compact camera-taken, dated (as far as 1992!) photos presented in chronological order" (IIZAWA Kohtaro, ARAKI's Illustrated Bibliography, in déjà-vu #4 : ARAKI Nobuyoshi (1991), p. 78).

Note: There is a fatal flaw in the book design: the oblong volume is to be inserted vertically in the slipcase (which damages upper & lower cover edges on one side), which is held together by staples on both ends (which inevitably end up scratching the book's spine-strip). Fine copies are seldom found (most likely they were never read at all).

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