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Kawaii Ko Iroha Karuta Card Game (1950s)

Kawaii Ko Karuta (Cute Children Iroha Karuta Card Game). Nd (1950s).AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — 2 f., folio (38.8 x 26.6 cm).
2 leaves, one illustrated, one with text; printing in color / monochrome (blue) on recto. Text in Japanese (kana). Uncut.

État / Condition — Good (general browning, small tears & lacks to edges)

Remarques & avis / Review — A cute Japanese Iroha Karuta game (specific version, neither Edo nor Kamigata), probably from the 1950s, in 2 large fragile plates (one with the illustrations, the other with the text where the usual proverbs are here replaced by all sorts of 'cute' children), meant to be cut into cards, here untouched (rare).

Divers / Misc. — x

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