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Kikan Shashin Eizo / The Photo Image 7 (1971)

Kikan Shashin Eizo / The Photo Image 7. Photographic Quarterly. Winter 1971. Tokyo: Shashin Hyoron-sha, Showa 46 / 1971. — AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — 4° (25.5 x 18 x 1 cm), 186 p., 500 g.
Pict. softcover, b&w photographs. Text in Japanese; index also in English.

Condition — VG (light wear to cover).

Review — The fourth issue of the quality quarterly Shashin Eizo / Photo Image, an outstanding avant-garde photography & critic laboratory, featuring works by NAITO Tadayuki (contrasted b&w New York street shots), WATANABE Hitomi (a powerful monochrome series on the Yakuza - including a chopped-off little finer! - finely printed silver on black paper), KASENADA Kenji (surrealist human-natural photo compositions), KANOH Noriaki (fine contrasted / bureboke nudes), a crazy calendar in 6 huge fold-outs by 3 photographers and 3 illustrators, and more. An excellent issue.

Misc. — Table of Contents:

NAITOH Tadayuki: Friday, the 13th
(25 p., 17 pics, monochrome)

WATANABE Hitomi: Brotherhood (Stall Keepers' Way)
(36 p., 21 pics, silver on black paper)

KASENADA Kenji: Stabbs at Utopia (or, We All Want to Change Your Head - The Beatles)
(24 p., 13 pics, monochrome)

KANOH Noriaki: Fuck Out
(12 p., 12 pics, monochrome)

Holiday Calendar 1971 Jan-Feb: TATSUMI Shiro (1 triple foldout, color illustration)
Mar-Apr: SAEKI Toshio (1 triple foldout, color illustration)
May-Jun: MAD AMANO (1 triple foldout, color illustration)
Jul-Aug: YOKOSUKA Noriaki (1 triple foldout, color pic)
Sep-Oct: SHINOYAMA Kishin (1 triple foldout, color pic)
Nov-Dec: KANOH Noriaki (1 triple foldout, color pic)


NAKANE Yasuo: Sentimental Journey
(12 p., 12 pics, monochrome)

INAKOSHI Kohichi: One Bound
(7 p., 7 pics, monochrome)

Japan Women's University Photo Club: Children
(10 p., 10 pics, monochrome)


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