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NARAHARA Ikko. NK Printing Paper Samples (1996)

NARAHARA Ikko. NK 1996 Printing Paper Samples: Photographer Narahara Ikko. Nippon Kakoh Seishi, 1996.OUT OF STOCK

Description — (3) f. of text, (23) color pictures (folded A3 sheet, 18 color and 1 b&w pictures, with duplicates on different papers) and (49) f. of printed sample, paper portfolio with flaps. Foreword by IIZAWA Koutaro.

Condition — Excellent (light crease to portfolio).

Review — A quick world tour by NARAHARA Ikko: Firenze, New York, Rothenburg, Venezia, Camargue, Paris, Sanrorini, Genova, Johannesburg and Tokyo, in 19 pictures, afaik all unpublished in book form, here presented on the occasion of the yearly NK paper sample publication: great printing on various papers: a refreshing way of looking at a (great) photographer's (unorthodox) work.

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