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ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Midori (1982, 1987)

ARAKI Nobuyoshi. Midori Tokyo: Tankisha / Tanki-sha, 1982: 1st ed. Ibid., 1987: 2nd ed.AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — 1982: 4to booklet (28.5 x 22.5 cm), (32) p., staped softcover, (27) b&w pictures.
1987: 4to (28.5 x 22.5 x 0.5 cm), 64 p., softcover, dust jacket, (27) b&w pictures in (32) p. and (32) p. of text, in Japanese.

Condition — See STOCKLIST.

Review — Named 'Midori' after the character raised in Yoshiwara red-light district from HIGUCHI Ichiyo's novel Takekurabe (1895), which serves as a background concept for this collection of 27 fine, touching, classic portraits of a young and pretty massage parlor employee in half a dozen outfits (no nude!), mostly indoors, outstandingly printed (quality similar to 1989 Shashinron). One of ARAKI Nobuyoshi's best.

Misc. — 1982 / 1987:
- 1982: 1st ed., just the 27 pictures, in a simple stapled softcover (staples covered by white stickers); title page (white) on the lower inside cover.
- 1987: 2nd ed., the same 27 pictures (difference: each picture is numbered in a lower corner in black or white ink), followed by 32 p. of commentary text; glued softcover, with a grey dust jacket; title page (white with black framing) on the upper inside cover.

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