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Pocket Atlas of Japan / Dai Nippon Gunbu Chizu: Niigata (1917)

KUROIWA Yoshima. New Pocket Atlas of Japan Divided into Districts / Saishin Chosa: Poketto Dai Nippon Zen-Gunbu Chizu: Niigata-ken no Bu (Regional Maps of Greater Japan, After the Latest Surveys: Niigata Prefecture). Tokyo: Yubunkan, Taisho 3 (1914, 1st ed.), Revised 15th ed.: Taisho 6 (1917). AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — 18mo (14.2 x 8.5 x 1 cm), Complete of all (13) fold-outcolor steel-engraved maps, each numbered and labeled by hand at the time (black ink), index & colophon on front & back endpapers. One small map drawn by hand with color pencil at the back of one map.

Condition — Good condition (light wear to cover, old mending to inside hinges).

Review — A fine and rather cute pocket atlas of the Niigata region from the 1910s, of 13 fold-out maps, including a map of the famed Sado Island.

Misc. — Maps of: Niigata-ken, Kambara-gun (Nishi, Naka, Kita, Higashi, Minami), Koshi-gun, Mishima-gun, Kariwa-gun, Uonuma-gun (Kita, Minami, Naka), Kubiki-gun (Higashi, Naka, Nishi), Iwafune-gun, Sado-jima.

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