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Sketch Book: Collection of Original Japanese Paintings

Sketch Book: Collection of Original Japanese Paintings. Nd. (XIXth c.?)
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Description — Thick square leporello (11 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm), endleaves and (31) spreads (manuscript title on front flying endpaper and 27 spreads with original ink paintings, including 9 with an unknown seal/stamp), wooden boards covered with marbled paper.

Condition — Fine (light wear to boards, otherwise excellent).

Review — A wonderful collection, on fine thick paper in a cute leporello volume, of very lively original paintings and sketches: landscapes (the first landscape reads 'Yamato no Kuni', Old Japan), flowers, animals (mouse, birds, cat, horses), music instruments, a tea set, warriors, scholars, and 7 spreads full of superb tiny sketches of people, 4 others with houses, that give the impression of a large ancient city. Some of the 'finished' paintings are very detailed (faces in particular), others verge on amazing pure abstraction (one of the cranes). The sketches are wonderfully expressive (the tiny people especially). A gem!

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