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HANI Setsuko, HAYAKAWA Motoji. Kodomo-kai no Techo (1954)

HANI Setsuko, HAYAKAWA Motoji (editors). Kodomo-kai no Techo (Notebook for Groups of Children). Tokyo: ARS (Nihon Jidou Bunko 29), Showa 29 (1954). 1st ed. & pr. AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — Small 8vo (18.5 x 13.5 x 1.5 cm), (10: title page & color illustrations)-206-(2) p., (92) b&w vignettes, quarter cloth-bound hardcover, pict. slipcase. Foreword by KAWASAKI Daiji. Text in Japanese (furigana), by HANI Setsuko, HAYAKAWA Motoji, KAN Tadamichi, HISHINUMA Taro, MATSUBA Shigetsune & TOMITA Hiroyuki.

Condition — Excellent (light wear to case).

Review — A wonderful in/outdoor activity book for the Japanese children of the 1950s, and their teachers & supervisors, with fine illustrations (including 10 pages in colors) by ICHIKAWA Sadao, SHIRASAKI Miki and USHIKUBO Tadashi: puppet shows, kamishibai (paper theater), and all sorts of games, sports, and information about life at school!


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