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SAGAWA Issei. Set of Signed Prints (1990s)

SAGAWA Issei. Set of 11 signed prints and 2 cards (early 1990s).
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Description — Set of 5 color prints (12.5 x 8.9 cm, all titled and signed by Sagawa on back), one polaroid (8.5 x 5.3 cm), 5 b&w prints (11.7 x 8.2 cm, all signed, one titled), two printed postcards (14.7 x 10 cm, one signed).

Condition — VG (one b&w print slightly crumpled).

ReviewSAGAWA Issei (1949-) is the famous 'Celebrity Cannibal' who killed, raped and ate a young Dutch woman in 1977 in Paris, was deemed insane two years later, deported to Japan and freed... This exceptional collection entails two parts. On one hand, 5 color prints titled and signed by Sagawa, and 1 polaroid, that include curious & ominous self-portraits (one funnily titled 'Stupid'), two-shots & nudes. On the other hand, 5 b&w signed prints from a session with a Dutch girl (!) named Ingrid for his New Year Card for 1992 (of which there are here two copies, one signed).

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