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MURAKAMI Yutaka. Original Cover Illustration for Suronin Biyori (1967)

[MURAKAMI Yutaka]. Original Cover Illustration for YAMATE Kiichiro's Suronin Biyori (Shunyo Bunko, 1967).
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Description — Original drawing (black ink, watercolor) on paper (35.7 x 25.2 cm) with book title in pencil,
pasted protective tracing paper with notes (pen, red ink).

Condition — VG (slightly crumpled, light wear to edges).

Review — The beautiful original composition by MURAKAMI Yutaka (1936-) for the dust jacket of the pocket edition of
YAMATE Kiichiro's Surounin Biyori (first edition in 1954).

Misc. — With one copy of the book (Shunyo Bunko, 1967, 488 p.).

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