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TAMABAYASHI Haruo. Nihon Kyodo to Tokyo (Manuscript, 1930s)

TAMABAYASHI Haruo. Nihon Kyodo to Tokyo (Japanese Birth Places and Tokyo). Manuscript (1930s?).
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Description — 6 standard printed sheets for mss (25.4 x 33.5 cm, for 400 characters each), autographed text in ink, publisher's notes, folded in two.

Condition — Fine (light wear).

Review — The 6 first pages of an autographed & signed manuscript by TAMABAYASHI Haruo (1898-1945), the famed author of Bunshin Hyakushi (Tatooes of a 100 Shapes), on Tokyo as a home town (Tamabayashi was a genuine native from Tokyo and a local historian of Tokyo), which was seemingly published in a local magazine, Shinfudo.

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