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ASAI Shimpei : Hito to Sakuhin (1979)

ASAI Shimpei: Hito to Sakuhin (The Man and his Works). Photo Technic Special Issue. Tokyo: Genkosha, Showa 54 (1979). First ed. — AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — 4° (25 x 18 x 1 cm), 166 p., 500 g.
Broché, couv. souple ill., photographies coul. et n&b. Texte en japonais.
Pict. softcover, color and b&w pictures. Text in Japanese.

État / Condition — TB / VG.

Remarques & avis / Review — A special issue of Photo Technic, entirely dedicated to Shimpei ASAI, remarkable iconography (his portraits were never made into a book), testimonies, design, paper and printing. A great introduction to the early works and career of the talented Japanese photographer.

Un numéro spécial de Photo Technic consacré entièrement à ASAI Shimpei, publication exemplaire, remarquable iconographie (ses portraits ne furent jamais rassemblés en volume), témoignages, finition, papier et impression. Une très bonne introduction aux œuvres tostives du talentueux photographe.

Divers / Misc. — À la table / Table of contents :



Richard BRAUTIGAN — Kiyoshi ATSUMI — Masao KUSAKARI — Patti McGUIRE — Norihei MIKI — Yosuke YAMASHITA — Akiyuki NOSAKA — Mutsuro TAKAHASHI — Kosan YANAGIYA — Jyuzo ITAMI — Kenichi HAGIWARA — Yuya UCHIDa — Tatsuya NAKADAI — Akira SAKATA — Shiro HASEGAWA — Yoshio HARADA — Rengi ISHIBASHI — Saburo BOYA — Kumiko AKIYOSHI — Jack NICKLAUS — CASSIUS CLAY


Key West Florida — Seven Mile Bridge Key West Florida — Micronesia — Western Samoa — Oahu HAwaii — Dumont Dune Nevada — Haiti


Haiti — Western Samoa — Woolongong Australia — Key West Florida / E. Hemingway's House — Virgin Island


The Beatles — Nagano-ken — Aoyama-bochi — Junko SATAKE — SANDRA JULLIEN — Woolongong Australia — Terumi AZUMA — Los Angeles — Hiyoshi — Côte d'Azur — Kamakura — Denmark — Yoyogi Park — Reiko ASO — Love — Las Vegas Airport — New York


Los Angeles — West Coast USA


Articles & sketches by famous photographers, illustrators and critics
SHINOYAMA Kishin — ARAKI Nobuyoshi — WADA Makoto — TATSUKI Yoshihiro


Interviewer — Photographer


Beatles Tokyo 100-jikan no Roman — Street Photography — Kibun wa Beatles — Kairyu no Naka no ShimajimaIslands
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