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Shashin Jidai: Live ARAKI Nobuyoshi (1983)

Shashin Jidai 2nd Anniversary Special Issue: Live ARAKI Nobuyoshi. 9/1983. Tokyo: Byakuya Shobo, 1983.
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Description — 4to (28.3 x 21 x 0.5 cm), 146 p., pict. softcover.

Condition — Excellent.

Review — An excellent special issue of the photo-magazine Shashin Jidai (Photo Era) entirely dedicated to ARAKI Nobuyoshi: recent color series, parody collages, 'Arakiss' two-shots with actresses, a 15-day photo diary in red-green-black (Jokosei Nise Nikki-style), a photo-discussion with SHINOYAMA Kishin, beautiful older series in deep b&w like portraits of Araki's child-friends or 1969 summer holidays, a great Disneyland series, etc. etc.

Misc. — x

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