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WATANABE Yoshio. Snap Shashin (1937)

WATANABE Yoshio. Snappu Shashin no Neraikata - Utsushikata (Snap Photography: How to Aim and Shoot). Tokyo: Genko-sha (Shashin Jitsugi Daikouza 4), Showa 12 (1937). 1st ed. & pr. AVAILABLE: see STOCKLIST for pricing

Description — Thick square 8vo (21 x 16.5 x 3 cm), (14)-258-(18) p., (319) b&w pictures (including 8 full-page at the beginning), clothbound hardcover, slipcase.

Condition — Good (light wear to back; wear & light damage to slipcase).

Review — Under the guise of a technical opus, WATANABE Yoshio captures and records here, in more than 300 snapshots, a rather comprehensive account of Japanese life in the city in the 1930s: Tokyo from Ginza to Asakusa, women and children in the streets, a festival, a circus, summer vacations, etc. by day, and streets, bars, theaters (kabuki, all-female revues, etc.) by night. Some remarkable portraits, streeshots & night scenes, and fascinating glimpses of a daily past forever lost.

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