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Asahi Camera: 1964 (12 volumes)

Asahi Camera: 1964 Complete Year. 12 volumes.OUT OF STOCK

Description — Twelve 8vo volumes (25.5 x 18 x 14 cm for the lot), about 300 p. per issue, color and b&w (gravure) pictures, pict. softcovers, 7 kg. In Japanese but most photographers' names and pic titles in English too.

Condition — x

Review — The complete 1964 year of the photo-magazine Asahi Camera. An excellent year (prepared and showcased with much care, Japan being under the spotlight of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics), with NARAHARA Ikko (serialized 'Europe 1964' = Europe Where Time Has Stopped + Spain Gran Tarde, in colors), KIMURA Ihei (serialized 'Personalities of Japan'), TOMATSU Shomei, NAITO Masatoshi, ISHIMOTO Yasuhiro, YOKOSUKA Noriaki, FUJII Hideki, SUGIYAMA Kira, WATANABE Yoshio, HAMAYA Hiroshi, HAYASHI Tadahiko, UEDA Shoji, SONOBE Kiyoshi, ISHIGURO Kenji, OKURA Shunji, ICHIMURA Tetsuya, TANUMA Takeyoshi, MIKI Jun, OTAKE Shoji, SHIMAUCHI Eisuke, TOMIYAMA Haruo, TAKEJI Iwamiya, TABUCHI Yukio, SHINOYAMA Kishin, MAREMICHI Matsui.. and a few foreign photographers, and of course the monthly contests sections.

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